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Doing laundry is a time-consuming task and it leaves with no time for the family and friends, let alone pursuing any hobbies. If you want to enjoy some ‘me’ and ‘family’ time, call Image Laundry—your local commercial laundry services in Dubai. We offer a complete solution for all your laundry requirements, and are known for delivering convenient, efficient, affordable, and sensitive


Affordable Laundry Services in Dubai

We love helping people wear cleaned and ironed clothes and look best in their outfits. It’s our passion to maintain the color, and softness of your clothing by providing high-quality laundry service that is affordable. Our expertise in cleaning, ironing, folding, and packing laundry in plastic bags have made us the


Our Laundry Services Include

Washing & Steam Ironing: We first observe your clothing completely and identify what fabric or material they are made of. Depending on our observation, we then pick the best cleaning method and material. We use the latest machinery and organic detergents to ensure your fabric is treated gently and delicately. Our cleaning process is carried out in hygienic conditions to avoid any contamination or infection. To make your clothing wrinkle-free and look fresh, we use steam ironing.

 Dry Cleaning and Gym Cloth Washing:  Certain fabrics are so delicate, that they fade when washed in water with soaps. We dry clean such fabrics with organic solvents so that they sustain their freshness and color. For clothes that get soaked in sweat and become a breeding ground for germs such as the gym clothes, we take extra care and ensure you don’t experience itchiness and sore skin.

 Leather and Suede Jackets Cleaning: Leather jackets help men to look macho and women more stylish. Real leathers are a durable and elegant material that’s why they are expensive and require special care and maintenance. We have the experience to clean all types of leather garments and make them look fresh and new as ever.


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