Laundry in Dubai Marina

Avail top quality laundry services in Dubai Marina

Laundry in Dubai Marina

Image Laundry is a trusted laundry in Dubai Marina. Being one of the well-known laundry service providers, Image Laundry aims to give the best quality service and free pickup and home delivery too. We welcome you to one of the

with years of experience having world-class machines and professional staff to take the utmost care of your valuable garments.

Are you worried about your

? Your worries end here when Image Laundry provides you with extensive laundry services at your doorstep. We take away all your worries relating to washing, dry cleaning, and ironing your clothes.

We very well know that laundering your new clothes is the most tiring job on earth, especially after you have attended a wedding or a long leisure trip and you would like to avoid such a chore. Image laundry is one stop solution for all the

. We provide you with washing, dry-cleaning, and ironing services with great quality.

Laundry Cleaning VS Dry Cleaning

Laundry and Dry cleaning, both are aimed to clean the dirty clothes and removing the stains. However, the basic difference between the two is that laundering refers to cleaning with water, detergent, soap, and washers, whereas, dry cleaning is done using solvents without water.

In laundry cleaning, clothes are tumbled in a machine and the detergent or soaps are used to remove the dirty particles from the clothes. On the other hand, the dry cleaned clothes are loaded in the machine by a process called tumbling.

are used to dry the clothes with the help of dry cleaning machines, whereas, in the laundry, the washed clothes are removed using the spinning process and dried in a drier or hung dried.

After laundry, the clothes are pressed and steamed, but in dry cleaning, clothes are steamed or ironed to straighten them.

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What our lovely customers say


What our lovely customers say
Farnandis D'souza
Farnandis D’souza
I was worried to shift from the business bay for my laundry. But Image Laundry came to my rescue as they also cater laundry services in Dubai Marina. I am super relieved now as they are the best in town as they provide top quality services at affordable prices.
Abdul Al Nahayan
Abdul Al Nahayan
The best service available near me is the laundry in Dubai Marina. I feel so relaxed when Image Laundry provides a free pickup and delivery services for my clothes. It is the best service for those who do not have time to go there and handover the laundry.
Nadim Momin
Nadim Momin
Very cooperative staff and in time delivery. I will also use the ironing services at Dubai Marina the next time I give my clothes for laundry.

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