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Dry Cleaning
Don’t have time for laundry? Let’s handle it for you since we are into laundry service in Dubai for years and equipped with the most advanced and automated technology that helps in maintaining the color and texture of garments and delivering spotless cleaning. Our dry cleaning service in Dubai is fast, efficient, and the green cleaning process. We have trained and experienced dry cleaners team from the dry cleaning industry to clean, iron, collect, and deliver your laundry anywhere in Dubai. Be it any type of clothes that you want to clean, we offer the best dry cleaning service in Dubai.

Best Dry Cleaner in Dubai for a Multitude of Fabrics

Dubai is a multi-cultural city where hundreds of different nationalities dwell in harmony. People here are highly fashionable and have a deep penchant for high-end fashion designer clothes. They also take pride in their traditional wear and source them from different parts of the world. Thus the fashion scene in Dubai today is spearheaded by a multitude of fabrics. To provide the best cleaning solution to such an array of garments, we offer a meticulous and professional environment.

Experts Dry Cleaners in Dubai

Our dry cleaners JLT are trained regularly by garment care experts from different countries. They are qualified and skilled in handling synthetics like nylon and spandex, linens, wools, leathers, suedes, silks, natural cottons, and furs. We have the best dry cleaners Dubai knows how to treat each kind of fabric and treat it with care. From removing the most stubborn spots and stains to steam pressing, ironing by hand, making minor repairs like sewing buttons, seams, etc., and packaging your garments for delivery to your door steps, we provide

Why Image Laundry is Best for Dry Cleaning Service in Dubai?

We understand there are a lot of emotions involved in what you wear. Your clothing could be a gift from your loved ones or bought out of your hard-earned money. You can rest assured that your laundry will be treated with care and sentiments at Image Laundry. We have experienced dry cleaners in Dubai Marina who value clients’ emotions. We use organic solvents for dry cleaning that keeps the look and feel of the garments just like before. With our expertise in dry cleaning, your clothing will be clean and spotless. We also accommodate any special requirements of our clients. So don’t let your delicate fabrics get damaged by water and harsh soap, and dry clean them with us. That’s why we have a steady stream of satisfied customers.

  • Dry Cleaners in Jumeirah village circle
  • Latest Advanced Machines
  • Unique Fabric Care System to increase the life of your clothes
  • Sensitive Steam Pressing for permanent creases even after wash
  • Exceptional clothes finishing and always wrinkle free
  • Cleaning technology specially designed to care for leather garments, wedding dresses, and all kinds of premium fabrics while preventing shrinkage
  • Perfect seam line and finishing
  • 3 stages of quality audit
  • Advanced Tagging System

Best Dry Cleaning in Dubai

To help you wear clean clothes that smell good and look good, we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery. We have even employed the best hands in the dry cleaning industry to operate it. For your comfort, we have also invested in a fleet of pick-up vans to collect and deliver laundry. The dry cleaning process that we follow at Image Laundry helps us in giving a delicate treatment to clothing and adding life to them. Whether you are a local, tourist, hotel, or restaurant owner, or an industrialist, we ensure you that our promptness, punctuality, and expertise in dry cleaning will make you admit that we provide the


So get yourself free from doing the laundry and call Image Laundry to clean and deliver your garments to your doorsteps.

We are Providing Best Dry Cleaning Service in Dubai since 2000

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What our lovely customers say


What our lovely customers say
Sana Shaikh
Sana Shaikh
I was new to Dubai and I was looking for best dry cleaners near me and I found Image dry cleaners. It is the best place to get your dry cleaning done. I have been using their services for a year now and I am highly satisfied with the way they deliver my clothes.
Amin Ghazi
Amin Ghazi
Image laundry is a best place to get your dry cleaning done. Been doing business with them for 4 years. Always delivered on time by great staff. Very Professional, Courteous and Friendly Service. Most reliable dry cleaners in Dubai Marina.
Ziad Nimer
Ziad Nimer
I highly recommend Dry Cleaners in Dubai. I have used them several times and have sometimes asked for clothes to be serviced at short time. They have had my items ready for the same day with wash, dry & fold. Every staff member is helpful and friendly, Thanks guys!
Moe Merani
Moe Merani
I have been using their services over the years; their services are excellent and affordable in terms of money. The staff is very friendly and polite. I must say best dry cleaners in Dubai. I recommended to all.

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