Make your shoes look good, and smell best. 

Your shoes will be freshened up and cleaned in Image Laundry’s selective cleansing cupboards, our elite purification cupboards ensure antibacterial and antiviral outcomes guaranteed and tried. After treatment, your shoes will be packed in a selective clear box.

Image Laundry’s Shoe Care Process:

Step 1 : Dismantle the shoe and laces
Step 2 : Wash it thoroughly for every direction
Step 3 : Inspect the shoe for any repairs
Step 4 : Assemble the shoe
Step 5 : Look at the shoe and think, “would I wear it?”
Step 6 : Deliver the shoe back to the customer

What is Image Laundry - Bag & Shoe Spa?

Image laundry’s state of the art facility centers can take well care of Bags and shoes that you wear. Every individual has a different lifestyle and time. It’s very difficult with busy schedules to shoes and bags cleaned. We at Image laundry provide the best spa for bags and shoes that includes picking up your dirty stuff and delivering them with utmost timely and cleaned manner. We at image Laundry provide shoe cleaning in Dubai at affordable rates.


Our proprietary leather care products are from verified sellers and created from natural and organic ingredients that are safe for most of the delicate leathers, including unfinished leathers and exotics. So once my leather bag or shoe is protected, will there be no future damage? Once the leather is protected, it requires basic cleaning rather than full-color restoration, which could be a very lengthy & costly process otherwise. We at image laundry also provide shoe repair services to save your cost, time, and energy altogether.


We at image laundry take care of all kinds of Shoes (call it formals or casuals) & Leather repair works. Our shoe repair services supports Heel to Toe solution for the shoes which includes repair work, refreshing, polishing, heel repairs (let it be heel fixing, heel cap replacement or even lower your heel height), etc. We understand the foot comfort you look in your shoes & we very well maintain that. We have expertized shoe cleaner, that would provide the best shoe cleaning services.

What type of shoes can be cleaned? Here is a list of footwear’s, we can clean for you

1) Derby shoes
2) Slipon
3) Leather shoes formal
4) Informal leather shoes
5) Sneakers
6) chelsea

We can help you with cleaning your leather bags as well.

Image Laundry offers fast and cost effective laundry & dry cleaning services in Dubai.

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What our lovely customers say


What our lovely customers say
Akram Said
Akram Said
I was so impressed with the service of Image Laundry for shoe cleaning. They saved my time with the pick and drop service too. Having the best shoe cleaners, they made all the pair of my shoes look new and shinning. Highly recommend image laundry for shoe cleaning in Dubai.
Shahbaz Ali
Shahbaz Ali
I am truly blown away with the Image Laundry service for show cleaning. Absolutely amazed with their shoe cleaning services. My shoes looked new as if I had just bought from a store. I cannot stop showing off my shoes to everyone and recommending image Laundry to all who love taking care of their shoes. Thank you very much for …

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